The AYM WELFARE SOCIETY was founded in the year 1932 when esteemed figures of the Aramouni families organized themselves into a welfare society with a dual mission:  The reunification of the Aramouni families, and to help those disadvantaged among them.

Thanks to the efforts of its members and philanthropists, both locally and abroad, the activities of the society expanded to cover various areas of Lebanon: Aramoun, Khalde, Choueifat, Wadi Chahrour, Boutchay, Hadat, Baabda, Cheyah, Ain El-Remmaneh, Furn El Chebbak, Sin El Fil, Dekwaneh, Achrafieh, Remeil, Moussaitbeh, North Maten, Kesrwan, and many others.

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The AYM WELFARE SOCIETY aims at fulfilling the following objectives within the Aramouni families:

  • Encouraging the spirit of mutual support, cooperation and compassion and promoting acquaintance and communication between them.
  • Advancing values of good morals, politeness, respect and forgiveness to become better citizens and help the society progress for the good of all.
  • Helping the poor, orphan, widow, disabled and sick and every one in need of help and assistance.
  • Strengthen the ties of cooperation between residents and emigrants